How to edit products on Woocommerce (and copy and delete)

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Once you’ve learned to add products to your woocommerce store, it’s important to also know how to edit, update and, if needs be, delete them.

How to Edit Products on Woocommerce

There are three ways to get to the edit products on woocommerce:

1 Via the Woocommerce Products Menu

Navigate to Products > All Products and you will see a list of all the products in your woocommerce store.
If you have a lot of products, you can either search for the name of the product, or filter the products by category.

Edit products on Woocommerce

Hover over the product that you want to edit, and you’ll see the options “Edit | Quick Edit | Bin | View | Duplicate”.

To make major edits to the product – changing text and images for example – you’ll need to click into “Edit” and you will be taken to the same page as when you first created the product where you can change any details you require.

I’ll cover the other options below.

2 Via the “Edit Product” Link at the top of the Live Product Page

If you are viewing the live page and spot an error, you can quickly access the editor by clicking on “Edit Product” at the top of the page.

Edit a product on woocommerce

3 Via the Woocommerce Mobile App

You can also edit products via the Woocommerce Mobile Application if you have it installed. The options are slightly limited compared to the browser version, but for many simple tasks it can be a lot quicker and easier, especially if you’re on the move and it’s urgent.

Update products in woocommerce mobile app

Edit versus Quick Edit

You may have noticed that there is also a link on the All Products page for “Quick Edit”. As the name suggests clicking this option will allow you to quickly edit many details about the product. The only things you can’t do here are:

  1. Change photos or product descriptions
  2. Edit details of product variations

Duplicating a Product

The duplicate option can be useful if you have a lot of similar products – perhaps a range of T-Shirts available in the same sizes and colours, just with different designs.

Once you’ve duplicated your product, you’ll have to edit all the relevant fields, but it will save you some time creating all the different variations, adding to categories, etc.

If you do this, don’t forget to manually edit the “Slug”, the part in blue: It will be the same as the product you duplicated just with a 2 at the end. Update this to the actual name of the product.

Deleting a Product

If you are certain you want to delete a product, you can do so by clicking the option for “Bin”.

If you do this in error, don’t worry. You can either “Undo” immediately, or at a later stage by looking for the product in the “Bin” section.

Another useful option however, if it is a product that you want to remove from the store indefinitely is to simply change the product from “Published” to “Draft”. This way the product will no longer be visible on your store, but will always be there ready for you if you need it again.

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