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I offer many different website designs at fixed prices:

  • €300 for a basic site
  • €500 for an eCommerce site

Included in the price are:

Basic customisation:

  • Change the Site Title and Logo
  • Change Page Titles if Required
  • Remove Any Unwanted Pages

To make the site truly your own, you will need to update the site with your own photos and text.

Simply click “Replace” on any photos you want to change (You can leave the existing photos, or add directly from a large selection of free stock photos). Text can be edited by clicking on any text area. I provide full instructions with screenshots to help you do this.

You can easily add new content and pages yourself providing you’re reasonably IT savvy. (Not confident, no problem, I can add them for you for just €25 per page).

Free Hosting for 1 Year

This price also includes free web hosting for 1 year. The renewal cost is €34 per year.

If at the end of the 1st year you wish to move to a different hosting you are free to do so. There are cheaper options available, though you get what you pay for!

Not sure what hosting is? Learn about web hosting here.

Free Technical Support

If you have any issues with your site – you can’t log on, something looks wrong, you accidentally delete something – I’m just an email away. Plus, all my websites are configured to take regular automatic backups, so you’re never at risk of losing any updates you’ve made.

This technical support lasts for as long as your website is hosted with Woo Simon.

Not Included in the Price:

Domain Name Registration

You will need your own domain name to have a website. Something like www.mywebsite.com. For more information on how to register your domain check this article here: What is a domain name and why do I need one?

Quoted Prices are Pre-Tax

The total on the invoice will depend upon your tax status and country of residence.

If you are based outside of Spain and have an EU registered VAT number, you will just pay the quoted price without taxes.

If you live in Spain we’ll have to deal with IRPF, retenciones and IVA, but it’s lo que hay! 😅

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